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Christening Baptism Candles are embellished and beautifully decorated by me. Beauty, elegance and unique charm accompany all these Christening candles. Only the finest materials and accessories are used. Everything is made with one thing in mind: to enhance, compliment, impress and to last indefinitely. All Candles have the images inscribed and melted into the candle.

We attempt to make every product to create a lasting impression in your mind and the minds of your family, friends and guests.

You also don't need to spend a fortune in the process as all our baptism christening candles are affordably priced, yet still classy, immaculate and memorable.


These Personalised Baptism/Christening Candles are decorative keepsake items and not to be burnt right down. They are for keepsake purposes and to be used over several different ceremonies of your child's faithful life.